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Woodsmoor Classic Car Show On Film

In the seven year history of the Woodsmoor Classic Car Show there must have been thousands of images taken of the fantastic cars that come to support the show.

Equally good are some of the videos that have been produced over the years. Thanks to all the filmmakers who have captured the show on film for posterity. With your permission we include them here.

In 2012 we battled rain, flood and wind to get the show on. Luckily a local professional filmmaker captured the event and made it look great even if it didn't feel that way in the unremitting rain!

In 2016 we were blessed with great weather and a fantastic turnout of cars. Victoria one of our volunteers that year took and edited this fantastic record of the event!

In 2017 again the sun shined and this year more people decided to record their view. Here are a couple of videos. A couple from friend of the show Pam Rotterham and one from the proud owner of an immaculate classic Fiat 500 who was good enough to attend.

Thanks to everyone for making the effort and hopefully we'll see many more at this year's Woodsmoor Classic Car Show. See you there!

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